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Established March 5, 1984

Over 15,000 served

Substance Abuse counseling Services located at 87 East High Street, Somerville, NJ 08876

The “Better Way” Interim Counseling Program is designed to meet the unmet interim counseling need of offenders, former offenders, the homeless, near homeless, working poor and others with alcohol and/or substance abuse problems. They are people who have been suffering from chemical dependency and may have been struggling with it for years. Most cannot overcome their addiction to alcohol or other substances on their own.

The "Better Way" Interim Counseling Program enables and empowers clients to focus on recovery by creating and implementing strategies which work including traditional and non-traditional problem solving techniques which provide for the often fragmented or unmet interim counseling needs of clients referred.

The interventions we use often prevent many of the common reasons given for relapse. Clients are provided with the advocacy and interventions needed to access both interim counseling, long term intensive out-patient or in-patient counseling and treatment programs. Clients are provided with emergency subsistence services directly or through working linkages with other providers.

No client has ever refused interim counseling based on the ability to pay.

The interim counseling modalities used to achieve our goals include the Rational Recovery and Harm Reduction Model. The geographic service area includes all of the Somerset County region.

The “Better Way” Interim Counseling Program offers a new way of life, a change of life-style, and the professional support necessary to make a successful recovery possible. The "Better Way” Interim Counseling Program makes the difference and with our help the difference lasts.

Better Way Interim Counseling Services include:

Full access to all our Safe Harbor-Port of Refuge and services

We need to decrease the rate of alcohol, drug abuse and relapse among the homeless, near homeless, working poor, those living with H1V/AIDS or individuals referred through the criminal justice system. Most of our clients are not deemed eligible for services from governmental or other private not-for-profit agencies. They fail to meet other agencies criteria for admissions. For example, they may have an income that exceeds income eligibility by $1.00 (one dollar) or more. They may be placed on a waiting list or sanctioned from other programs and services. They nonetheless have a compelling need of these essential services.

The provision of emergency housing and associated emergency subsistence services is needed by the clients if they are to enter and maintain recovery from mood altering substances. These needed services vary in duration. The services provide this unique population with the needed emergency interim housing opportunities, interim alcohol/drag abuse counseling and referral, the provision of daily survival subsistence needs, advocacy and support services which have been denied them, thus, greatly enhancing their chances of survival and recovery.

A multifaceted service delivery program is focused on interim counseling needs for persons who are in need of housing, housing transition or in treatment at other agencies. SHIP provides these clients with basic housing, food, clothing, advocacy, and interim alcohol and drug abuse services.

The primary goals of the program and services are

To increase clients and others understanding, insight and awareness of the relationship between substance abuse and living problems such as homelessness, inadequate housing, unemployment and other lifestyle problems.

To decrease the rate of alcohol, drug abuse and relapse among the homeless, near homeless, working poor persons in housing transit or those referred through the criminal justice system.

To decrease the rate of hopelessness among the addictive or recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and those individuals living with HIV

To enhance the quality of life skills and services to Somerset County residents.

To educate the clients and general community about housing and emergency survival opportunities.

To provide for basic nutritional needs of clients in the Somerset County Region.


Samaritan Homeless Interim Program

87 East High Street
Somerville, New Jersey 08876

Serving the community since 1984


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